Columbia's best Ska show!

We’re on tonight at 9pm!

Tune in for a three hour show!

4/22 Ska is for Suckers “Show for the Little Guys” Playlist

All Things Aquatic/Silverlake

Hellan Kellar (No Relation)/Canadian Shopping Spree

Reaching Scarlet/Call Me (Live)

Sonic Boom Six/Northern Skies

Llama Tsunami/Unraveling (Skacappella)

A Guy Named Guy/Skas Not Dead

Slightly Askew/Scotty on the Dance Floor

Today’s Special/You’re on the Menu

Car Full of Midgets/Same Old, Same Old

Fatter Than Albert/Panda King

Common Foundation/Ruder Than You

Corporate Fandango/Juvenile Depression

The Forthrights feat Maddie Ruthless/Jaguar Queen

We Are The Union/Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic

4 Point 0/Horrorscopes

Survay Says!/Gas Money Millionaires

The Waffle Stompers/Serious

The Dendrites/Head Game

Ryan Scroggins & The Trenchtown Texans/ Sing N Song

The Void Union/Future 86

The Stress/What Cheer?

Chewing on Tinfoil/Breso

A Billion Ernies/Used Up

The Best of the Worst/When I’m gone

Brunt of it/Na, Nax10

The Pinstripes/Alright Baby

Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine/Us

The Two Tone Boners/Love Song

Demon Waffle/Too Fast

Kill Lincoln/Look What You Did (You little Jerk)

Stacked Like Pancakes/Mr. Sane

Llama Tsunami and the Without Helmet/Get Serious

SS Vendetta/Chart Topping Tragedy

Is "Head First, Feet First" by The Skolars hipster enough to make it on the set tonight? If not, what about "Time Out" by Animal Chin?
Asked by amoebajake

Unfortunately The Skolars and Animal Chin aren’t accessible to us right now, we will play them next week though.

We Are On Right Now!

Show Starts in About an Hour and a Half!

Make sure you listen!

Good stuff tonight!

A lot of Third Wave and post-ska if you’re into that sort of thing!

Make sure you tune in tonight!

The shows gonna be great. It’s as I like to say all the little guys.

Tune in online at or

(Some teaser bands in the tags.)

Ska is for Suckers Playlist! 4/15

King Apparatus/Made for TV

The Slackers/I Still Love You

The Slackers/Sarah

The Aquabats/The Story of Nothing

The Aquabats/My Skateboard

Link 80/Verbal Kint

7 Seconds of Love/Danger of Death

7 Seconds of Love/Winner

The Blaster Master/Begars Catwalk

Buck-O-Nine/A Few Too Many

Buck-O-Nine/Shes Fat

Bruce Lee Band/Gerry

Bruce Lee Band/Shes An Angel

Common Foundation/Mias Song

Common Foundation/Ruder Than You

Deals Gone Bad/Be Mine Tonight

Deals Gone Bad/Elephants

Suicide Machines/Green World

No Cash/Pierce The Gates

Against All Authority/Collecting Scars

Against All Authority/Radio Waves

Lucky Boys Confusion/City Lights

The Fad/VInyl Paradise

The Fad/Ska-Boom!

Big D And the Kids TableThe Planet Smashers/Raise Your Glass

Bad Manners/Lip Up Fatty

Bad Manners/Fatty Fatty

The Selecter/My Collie(Not A Dog)

The (English) Beat/Hands Off Shes Mine

Fishbone/Unyielding Conditionin


Goldfinger/King For A Day

Less Than Jake/Mostly Memories

Less The Jake/The Science of Selling Yourself Short

does it make you feel good that you have the exact job i want?

It’s not a job. We volunteer. But, yes, it makes us very happy.

u guyz r funnie
Asked by Anonymous

Why thank you kind sir or madam.

4/8 Ska is for Suckers! Playlist

Chase Long Beach/Wheres My Time Stick

Chase Long Beach/Weve Got Pockets Like Nobodys Business


PotShot/We Are Potshot 

Waffle Stompers/Serious 

Mad Caddies/Im So Alone

Mad Caddies/Macho Nachos

Forthrights/Other People

The Slackers/Mr Tragedy

The Slackers/Because

The Forces Of Evil/Maybe Im Wrong

The Forces of Evil/Worst Day

Choking Victim/Suicide

Choking Victim/500 Channels

The Specials/Ghost Town 

Hepcat/Lovin Man

Hepcat/Keep On

Madness/They Call it Madness

Madness/Forever Young

(spunge)/Go Away

(spunge)/Kicking Pigeons

Reel Big Fish/Drinkin

Reel Big Fish/Take On Me

Hellan Kellar/Canadian Shopping Spree 

Citizen FIsh/Shelf Life

Culture Shock/Ten Percent Off 

Culture Shock/Go Wild

Westbound Train/For The First Time 

Westbound Train/Please Forgive Me 

The Pinstripes/Give Some Love

The Pinstripes/Might Be Her Fool